Top 10 Stylish Washbasins for Your Bathroom

Top 10 Stylish Washbasins for Your Bathroom

Stylish Washbasin

Washbasins are the focal points of a bathroom, making these an important aspect of bathroom designing. There are several points to consider before buying such as functionality, structure or model, style, space, and brand. Selecting a washbasin can be an endearing process keeping all these in check. Trying to choose one from the abandoned choices available in the market may be a bit overwhelming.

This article intends to give you a clear picture regarding the washbasins and factors to keep in mind before setting out to buy one for your new home or bathroom renovation. So, giving it a read lets you head out armed with all the information needed to narrow down the best options for you and your space.

Types of Washbasins

There are different types of basins depending upon the structure and material used. Various Wash Basin materials are ceramic, acrylic, glass, colored ceramic, natural stone, artificial stone, wood, onyx, and resin. The variety of bathroom basins based on the structure are:

1. Wall hung Washbasins

Wall hung basin is attached straight to the wall and does not require a separate table or counter to hold them in place. Since it is directly attached to the wall, it saves space, and also leaves a more visible floor area, making the room feel bigger. There are three types of wall-hung basins, integrated, half pedestal, and full pedestal.

a. Integrated Wall Hung Washbasin

Integrated washbasins are attached directly to the wall and are in a single piece. All the plumbing work is done in the wall, leaving space under it. Thereby, providing a neat and classy look to your washroom.

b. Half Pedestal Wall Hung Washbasin

Half pedestal basins save space by decluttering the standard pedestal design and creating more floor space beneath it, allowing you to use the underneath for storage or just to remain clear and create the illusion of more room. Half pedestal wall hung basins are designed to give maximum functional utility.

c. Full Pedestal Wall Hung Washbasin

Full pedestal wall hung basins are directly attached to the wall, even though “>it appears that the basin is supported entirely by the pedestal. The pedestal successfully conceals any pipework in between. It is aesthetically pleasing and adds a classic look to your bathroom.

2. Tabletop Washbasins

Tabletop washbasins are placed on tabletops. As they sit on the benchtops, demand attention by providing a luxurious look, and are a great way of creating a statement in your bathroom.

3. Under-counter Washbasin

The under-counter basin sits perfectly underneath the counter line giving a sleek finish to the countertop. It would be perfect for creating a minimalist style.

4. Semi-recessed Washbasin

It partially sits on the countertop and is ideal for narrow countertops. It is perfect for both the contemporary bathroom and the classic design styles.

5. Countertop Washbasin

The countertop washbasin mostly sits below the counter, with just the rim of the basin sitting on top, and visible above. It suits both elegant and minimalistic styles.

6. Vanity Washbasin

Vanity washbasins are usually washbasins attached to cabinets in which you can store necessities. It provides a contemporary clean design with efficient storage for your bathroom.

Factors to consider while choosing a washbasin

  • The size of your bathroom and available space
  • The room for which bathroom is being designed or usage
  • The location of your existing basin plumbing.
  • The bathroom design style so that basins match the overall design concept
  • Budget


Ten Stylish Washbasins

Washbasins are attractive in a very distinct way. Maybe it’s because they usually feature delicate forms or because of their versatility. One thing is certain. A washbasin will always be the center of attraction, no matter how simple its design is. Hence, a stylish basin plays a huge part in bathroom design. Let’s see some of the stylish washbasins available in the Indian market:

tabletop washbasin
Tabletop Washbasin

Tiara tabletop washbasin is both stylish and functional. The sculptural quality of the echoing oval shape itself makes the basin sophisticated in addition to the perfectly styled faucet.

countertop washbasin
Counter-top Washbasin

This countertop washbasin adds elegance to even a simple wash area beautifying the space significantly. This basin’s shape and size easily fit in with the wash area’s decor giving it a refined look.

tabletop washbasin
Tabletop Washbasin

The unique shape and color of this tabletop washbasin make it attractive. It provides a perfect base to build an atmosphere of respite and restfulness with decor. The smooth curved edges give this design a simple and clean finish.

countertop washbasin
Counter-top Washbasin

The rectangle countertop basin looks luxurious yet its comfortable design makes them stand out in the simplicity of the bath space. If you are looking for a relaxed ambiance, then this is the one you should choose.

undercounter washbasin
Under-counter Washbasin

With its smooth finishing and clean color, this under counter washbasin looks amazing. Easy to clean, it gives your bathroom a unique and glamorous look.

Semi-recessed Washbasin
Semi-recessed Washbasin

This semi-recessed washbasin is in a pared-down design and clean style. These basins are ideally suitable for all bathrooms because deep floor cabinets take up too much space. To achieve an elegant and subtle look for your bath area, this basin is to go for.

Vanity Washbasin
Vanity Washbasin

The simple design of the white basin gives your bathroom a classy look. The small cabinet present under the washbasin stores toiletries and other essentials and is easily accessible. This is a perfect way to beautify and effectively use space in your wash area.

Freestanding Washbasin
Freestanding Washbasin

Black is not a standard color used for washbasins making the black satin finish freestanding basin all the more special. It’s modern and luxurious design makes it look fashionable and also creates an elegant contrast with the colorful wall.

Integrated Washbasins
Integrated Wall-hung Washbasins

These integrated wall-hung basins look stylish due to the shape and size combined with delicate curves. Add this basin to your bath area for an elegant and aesthetic look to your decor.

Half-pedestal Washbasin
Half-pedestal Wall-hung Washbasin

This half pedestal washbasin is a perfect combination of traditional and modern ways to incorporate a distinctively classy look into your bath space. With its simple and versatile design, it makes your washroom more beautiful and is suitable for any washroom design.

Summing Up

The choice of the ideal washbasin should tend toward a model that will integrate well with the style of the bathroom design, considering the style of bathroom fixtures, shower, and accessories, without neglecting the practical and functional necessities, which is essential. Even the bathroom must have its stylistic balance, balancing both architectural design and personal choices. At Le Marble Gallery, we provide stylish as well as premium quality sanitary products assisting you in giving an elegant and personal touch to your home. Thereby, providing a neat and classy look to your washroom.